The Complete Guide to Undoing & Redoing on Mac

Mac users frequently have a problem with undoing and redoing commands. If you want to keep your Mac from crashing, here are a few methods for undoing and redoing.


If you need to undo something, press Command+Z to undo it. This will not delete anything from your computer.


If you want to redo something, press Command+Y to redo it. This will quit the application that you were working on and restart it from the point where it was previously saved.

What is the Difference between Undoing & Redoing?

Undoing and redoing are two different methods that are used to undo or redo the actions that have been done.

Undo Mac: Undo Mac can be used to undo an action that has been done by pressing the Command + Z key combination.

Redo Mac: Redo Mac can be used to undo an action that has been undone by pressing Command + Y key combination.

Undo Windows: Undo Windows can be used to undo an action that has been done by pressing the Control + Shift + Z key combination. Redo Windows can be used to redo an undone action by pressing Control + Shift + Y key combination.

The Different Ways You Can Undo on Mac

Mac users can undo their actions using the undo mac function. However, Mac users cannot undo their actions using the undo under windows function.

Undo Mac’s functionality is very different from the Windows’. The only common thing between them is that they both allow users to reverse their actions after completing them.

The Windows’ undo function allows us to go back in time just before we made a certain action or edit our project with different elements of our current project. This is very helpful when we need to change something in our project without losing too much work done so far.

Undo Mac Videos for a Better Understanding of How to Use the Feature

Undo Mac Videos is a tool that removes the videos from restoring macOS. This feature helps users to get rid of unwanted files without formatting the hard drive.

Undo Mac Videos for a Better Understanding of How to Use the Feature is about how to use this tool for better understanding how it works.

How to Undo Mac Files in 3 Easy Steps

Acording to Daily Fix Guide, Mac files are typically deleted from the Trash folder. But it is possible to recover them from there by following 3 steps.

It is almost always better to not permanently delete a file or folder as it may be needed later on. However, if you do need to delete a file or folder for any reason, follow the steps below:

First, drag the item you want to remove from your computer and drop it into the Trash folder. The next step involves emptying your Trash before deleting anything else. Once that’s done, drag and drop any remaining items in your Trash back into their original location on the hard drive.

The third step is very important as it will ensure that you have emptied your Trash completely before deleting anything else.

Undoing Changes with Time Machine

Time Machine is a feature that makes it possible to undo changes made to files and folders. However, there are a few things you should be careful of when using the time machine.

To make sure that your computer is protected from any issues, you should disable all the features in Time Machine and use it only when you need to go back in time.

What are the Best Tools You Can Use with Linux to Remove or Reinstall Windows 10?

This article will list the tools that you can use with Linux to uninstall Windows 10 without deleting it from your computer.

This article will also list the tools that you can use with Linux to reinstall Windows 10 without having to wipe your computer.

The best tool for removing Windows 10 is CCleaner. It has a large following and is frequently updated so it always works correctly. CCleaner will remove all traces of unwanted software and leave your system clean, including all traces of Windows 10.

Why Hulu is Making Money with Ads and how to Disable Them

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The company has generated revenue mostly through ads.

There are many different ways to turn off ads in Hulu, but they will also disable other features in the app. You can disable ads by paying for Hulu plus, using a third-party ad blocker, or opting out of interest-based ads.

Hulu has generated revenue through ads by making their app free to use and relying on advertisements to make up for it. This is not an uncommon practice among streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that provide their content for free with ads on some TV channels or during commercial breaks between shows.

The Ad-Free Hulu Plan Doesn’t Exist

Hulu was previously a relatively affordable service, but now they have come out with a monthly plan that is five dollars more expensive than the original price. The new plan includes a few new features, but it does not include an ad-free option.

The ad-free Hulu plan doesn’t exist anymore.

In the past, there was a cheaper monthly subscription for no ads and fewer features, but that option is no longer available for more information you can go to

The Way Hulu Monetizes With Ads & How They Keep Them Relevant

Hulu offers a wide range of TV series and movies that you can stream. It also offers a variety of ad-supported content that could be free to watch with an ad, or can be paid for without ads.

Hulu has done an excellent job in generating revenue through ads by offering viewers a chance to watch paid content without having to sit through a commercial break at the same time. This strategy not only helps them monetize their service but also makes it easier for the viewers to enjoy the service.

It’s worth mentioning that Hulu has been successful in making their ads relevant and engaging for viewers unlike most other streaming services out there.

How to Disable Hulu Ads So You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows in Peace

Hulu ads can be annoying when you want to watch your favorite show.  Some people choose to use an ad blocker like AdBlocker (Chrome, Firefox), AdGuard (browser extension) or uBlock Origin (browser extension).

However, these methods may not work in the future if Hulu decides to block them.  So what do you do in that case? You can try Hulu+ which gives you unlimited streaming of premium content with ads for $7.99 a month.

You can follow these steps to disable Hulu Ads

+ Step 1: Un-enroll from Hulu’s Free Trial Plan

In this section, we will walk you through the steps on how to unsubscribe from Hulu’s free trial automatically renewing.

The first step is to locate the Hulu app on your phone.

The next step is to tap “manage” and select “subscription”. From there, you should see a list of all of your subscriptions and a toggle switch with a plus sign next to it.

Click the plus sign and then simply swipe left over the Hulu app.

You should now be able to use this app again as long as you have an active Apple ID account!

+ Step 2: Change Your IP Address & Install a VPN

It can be a pain to get a VPN because you’ve got to figure out what country you want it in and then find the right one.

Using a VPN service, you can change your IP address and watch region restricted content in Canada.

+ Step 3a – Learn How To Reduce Banner Ads in Hulu by Changing Settings

Learn how to disable banner ads in Hulu by changing settings. This can be done on two different ways: through the settings menu or through a configuration file.

One way would be to go to Settings and select “Limit Adult Content”. This setting includes an option for disabling banner ads and video sponsorships. This should not be selected if you want to watch adult content on Hulu.

The other way would be to edit the configuration file and add lines like this:

This will disable all ads, including those that are displayed as sponsored content (the button at the bottom of the screen).

+ Step 3b – Cancel Your Free Trial Subscription with Credit

There are two ways you can cancel your free trial subscription with credit, but the first one will be the fastest.

The first way is to cancel your free trial subscription on Apple’s website. Log in with the same account information you used to sign up for the free trial and click “Cancel Membership” on this page. You may want to pay attention to the cancellation date too, so don’t forget it!

The second way is to simply update your payment information on iTunes Connect. If you go this route, make sure that you enter a valid credit card number and billing address before hitting submit!